My Story

How this happened

Living in New York City is expensive, and being a Graduate student on a tight budget doesn’t help. So, about 5 months back, in August 2013 I strategically started my search for deals on weekly groceries, at nearby stores to stay on top of my finances. Scouting the internet, I realised that most of the stores had an online presence with updated weekly offers. In fact, one could also get them easily on mail! However, what I was looking for was one website that had complied weekly offers of various stores along with product recommendations which would save me the time, and the trouble of screening numerous different website on a weekly basis, and experimenting with new brands that I had not heard about. Alas, there was none. It was essentially the absence of this convenience that lead to the creation of WGD&M (Weekly Grocery Deals & More) New York City!

What WGD&M Offers

WDG&M compiles weekly offers of five supermarkets in New York City along with product recommendation, good deals, recipes, suggestions on what, and what not to purchase.


At WDG&M we understand the important of your time and money. With this key focus in mind we bring to the table recommendations, reviews and recipes that are valuable and noteworthy. All products being spoken about have been personally judged and evaluated, and would bring joy to you and your family.

About me

Shalini KatochA graduate student living alone in New York City, it took me very little time to realise the importance of being thrifty and smart, to lead a happy yet balanced life. I am friendly, helpful and interactive, and easily get touched with small gestures. Over the last few months I have found myself experimenting more recipes, and yet I have my favourites which I rely on for comfort especially when I’m missing home.

New creations inspire me, especially when they turns out delicious even after having used substitute, (and may times their substitutes) for ingredients that weren’t available at that precise moment in my kitchen. I am excited to bring this concept to your homes, and look forward to sharing and learning from all that you have to offer!

Although I live in Brooklyn, most of the bargain grocery stores are big-chains, and have presence all over New York. So, if you are interested in a particular deal you would just have to find a store near you to purchase it. If you are frugal and wise, and live in New York you definitely want to stop by at least once a week. Even if you do not live in New York, you may just decide to come by because this is not just about the weekly offers – it’s also recipes and meals that I find interesting (created after reading many inspirational and resourceful food blogs)!


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