5 Reasons to Get Grocery Store Membership Cards!

The true value of a membership card dawned on me two weeks back. I was at Pathmark, checking out my weekly groceries. The cashier swiped my supplies and said I owed him a whopping $120.

Image @ IconFinder

Image @ IconFinder

Although there were some monthly supplies packed in that purchase I had a mini heart-attack seeing the screen, and questioned if I had given him my membership card. He said I had, and waited patiently for me to respond. Not convinced, I requested him to double check. Thankfully he found that my membership card was not factored in. As the cashier swiped my card I could see the digits falling. It was the most satisfying experience ever.

Having swiped the loyalty card, my new total was $80. I saved a cool $40! Here are 5 simple reasons why you too should get a grocery store membership card, if you haven’t got one already!

1. Better Deals:

Image @ Icon Finder

Image @ IconFinder

Pathmark and Key Food offer promotional discounts valid only for customers who have a membership card. There weekly advertisements specifically mention ‘with card’ where ever the discounts can be availed with a membership card. In fact mnay ongoing offers are further discounted for members.

Having a membership card means you pay less for your weekly grocery shopping. Saving a few bucks on grocery shopping means you can buy more or save money!

2. Make Your Life Simpler!

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Image @ IconFinder

Time is valuable, and there are only 12 hours in a day. This fact becomes more pronounced when a million tasks need our attention simultaneously every day. Save on precious by doing away with coupons clipping altogether!

Pathmark offers card holders the privilege of coupon discounts without actually clipping the coupons. Yes, there is no need to clip & collect coupons and carry them to the store. Browse ongoing offers online and save the ones you want to use. Then simply pick up the stock from the store, and at check out the coupon will automatically display in your loyalty card! Link your Pathmark loyalty card to coupon source and check out one taxing chore from your tasks!

You can browser and clip coupons for KeyFood, Met Foodmarkets and FoodBasics online, but in order to avail the coupons you need to print them out as well.

3. Accumulate Membership Points

Image @ Icon Finder

Image @ IconFinder

With your weekly grocery purchase, in addition to the discounted prices, valued customers also accumulate membership points during ongoing promotional campaigns. These reward programs are designed to incentivize customer loyalty. This means that at some point during the ongoing campaign, you can reimburse the accumulated points during the promotional period for free goodies.

Scan your bill after every purchase for incentives, programs or on going campaigns that you can benefit from. You can come across surprisingly great deals in the process!

4. Benefits at No Additional Cost

Image @ Icon Finder

Image @ IconFinder

That’s right, Pathmark and Key Food offer membership at zero cost. All you need to do is fill out the membership form at the store or online, get your membership card and start using it!

Apply for a Pathmark a loyalty card at any store location or online.

For KeyFood you can download and print the membership application online, but it has to be submitted at the store. Alternatively, fill up the application in 2 minutes the next time you are at Key Food, and receive your Savings Club Card right away!

5. Spread Some Happiness

Image @ Icon Finder

Image @ IconFinder

Did you know that every time you shop at Pathmark you can earn 1% for your favourite school or nonprofit organization? What a lovely way to do some good and spread a little cheer! Simply register your Pathmark loyalty card for the Community Reward Program online or at any Pathmark store, select your favourite school or organization, and sit back and feel good every time you shop at Pathmark.

What about privacy you ask? Stores accumulating customer data are required by law to protect the information and not sell it to third parties. They do use names and addresses for sponsored or co-sponsored programs but that is specifically to extend deals or special offers to the valued customers!

Do you think owning a grocery store membership card is a good idea? Share an anecdote on you saved money with your membership card!


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