Delightful Offers This Week!

America's Choice Canned Tomatoes

Image Pathmark

America’s Choice® Canned Tomatoes 98¢ 28-29oz assorted varieties with cards, at Pathmark. Tuttorosso Tomato Sauce 99¢ 15 Oz can with club card  (Limit 2 Offers) at KeyFood. Pathmark has a way better offer!

Canned Tomatoes are easy to store, and come in handy on a rainy day. It is practical to keep a few cans in your storage. I recommend investing in a few – for those awful days when everything seems to be going wrong, and at dinner time you remember you have run our of fresh tomatoes. If you have a a few Canned Tomatoes in your pantry, you can breathe easy by whipping these out and patting your back for being prepared.!

Eggland’s Best Large Eggs

Image KeyFood

Eggland’s Best Large Eggs 1 Dozen Crtn Grade ‘A’ White With Club Card. Limit 2 Offers. $1.99 at Key Food.

This in no way compares to the offer on eggs at Pathmark last week. However, if you could not avail that offer, I would suggest you get your hands on this one.


Turkey Hill Ice Cream

Image Pathmark

Turkey Hill Ice Cream 98¢ Assorted Varieties, 16 fl. oz. with card at Pathmark!

In my opinion, this cup size works out perfect for two people , to share. It gives you the satisfaction of having eaten a delicious desert, with zero scope for a second helping  (even if you are super tempted), as there is none left by the time the two of you finish. A win-win for everyone, don’t you think? Here are some interesting Ice-cream Recipes for you to try at home!

Domino Sugar - Granulated Excludes Canister

Image KeyFood

Domino Sugar – Granulated Excludes Canister, 4 lb Bag $1.99 with Club Card (Limit 1 Offer) at Key Food. In fact, at Met Foodmarkets starting tomorrow (23 – 29 March) you can buy Granulated Jack Frost Sugar for the same price – $1.99 4Lb pkg.

That said, if you haven’t  already availed the value offer on sugar at Met Food I mentioned last week (10 lb sugar for $4.99), you still have time today! Or, you can go for the 4lb bag from either Key Food or Met Food, if you have a space crunch and prefer to buy what you will immediately use.

Palmolive Dish Detergent

Image Pathmark

Palmolive Dish Detergent 88 cents 12.6-14 fl.oz assorted Varieties, with card at Pathmark!

If we use the kitchen we need a detergent to clear up the mess. Probably buying a bigger bottle is more economical but keeping a couple of small bottles handy never really hurt. Price comparison with Key Food, and the offer at Pathmark works out better as you pay less and buy the quantity you want. Palmolive Liquid Dish Detergent 12.6-14 Fl Oz bottle Original or Orange – 3 FOR $3 at Key Food. Also, Ajax Liquid Dish Detergent14 Fl Oz Btl Lemon, Orange, Lime or Grapefruit – 3 FOR $3 at Key Food.

Key Food Condensed Milk

Image KeyFood

Key Food Condensed Milk 14 Oz Can Sweetened 2 for $3 at Key Food.

Here are 20 recipes made using condensed milk. I reach for my can of condensed milk when making a Banoffee Pie, an English dessert pie made from bananas, cream and toffee from boiled condensed milk. An absolutely simple yet scrumptious dessert! Although making condensed milk at home is fairly simple and non messy, it is very time consuming. An easy alternative is buying a can. This condensed milk by Key Food is wonderful, and does the job really well.

General Mills Big G Cereal

Image KeyFood

General Mills Big G Cereal $1.88 each at Key Food, Select Varieties – Honey Nut Cheerios (12.25 oz.), Cinnamon Toast Crunch (12.2 oz.), Multi-Grain Cheerios Peanut Butter (11.3 oz.), Chocolate Lucky Charms (12 oz.), Chocolate Chex (14.25 oz.) or Honey Kix (12 oz.). General Mills Big G Cereal is 2 for $6 (with card) at The Food Emporium. Key Food definitely has a much better price, and I would highly recommend grabbing a few of your favourite flavours for the week ahead.

Breakfast is a crucial meal, both for children and adults. And while the weekdays can get super busy especially in the morning a bowl of cereal will pull you through till mid-day without feeling fatigued and lethargic. So, don’t miss breakfast however rushed you are!

Fresh Grade A Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs 88¢ Lb. At Associated, Chicken Thighs of Drumsticks are for $1.19 Lb. at Food Basics.

My go to shop for excellent boneless chicken is Alnoor Halal Meat Market in Brooklyn for $3.50 Lb. The quality, without doubt, is excellent. The chicken breasts pieces are fresh, pink and spotlessly cleaned. The cost works out the same as prepacked chicken at any supermarket but what you save on is the time spent on cleaning the chicken! This meat market is highly recommend – great quality, service and they deliver too!

Idaho Baking Potatoes

Image Met Foods

Russet Potatoes 5 Lb. Bag $1.78 each at Food Basics. A better deal than Met Foodmarkets where 5 Lb bag of Idaho Baking Potatoes is for $1.99¢ starting tomorrow (23 – 29 March).

There is an endless possibility of  with meals you can prepare with potatoes. Here’s an interesting and easy India potato and yogurt recipe I tried the other day. It came out absolutely delicious – tangy with a an explosion of delicious flavours. I will definitely try it again.

America’s Choice® Olives 98¢ 5.75-6 oz. Assorted Varieties at Food Basics.

I used to detest Olives, till I started loving them. Olives in tomato pasta sauce enhance its flavour and appeal. Making a pasta dish with Rinaldi pasta sauce, add a few Olives and give the store bought sauce a nice homemade touch. You can also use Olives as appetizers. Here are a bunch of appetizer recipes you may enjoy, made using Olives. As per The World’s Health Food, Olives have many health-protective nutrients.



America’s Choice® Sour Cream $1.28 for 16 oz. Assorted Varieties at Food Basics. Pathmark is offering the same product for $1.48 with card. And at Key Food, Friendship Sour Cream is for $1.99 – 16 oz Cont Regular or Light. Thus, Food Basic has the best offer from all three stores.

Sour cream is great for enhancing the flavour and consistency of an appetizer, dessert and even a sauce. Of course, there are easy substitutes for sour cream (eternally grateful to  for this), one of which i used in the Creamy Chicken & Broccoli Over Rice dish. However, this is a good price to grab a box, if you think you want one.

Roma Plum Tomatoes or Tropical Mango 98¢ each per Lb at Food Basics.

However, if its tomatoes you are looking to buy I would recommend making a quick trip to Met Foods to grab their last week’s offer of 79¢ Lb. Met Food’s weekly ad will update tomorrow, so you still have time to avail this value offer!


Fresh Lemons 3 for 98¢ at Food Basics.

A great source of Vitamin C, lemons add a zing to any recipe or drink. I usually get my weekly batch from a nearby convenience store, Reyes Deli & Grocery, that sells fresh green limes and yellow lemons at a consistent price – 4 for $1. Works out pretty well for me! However, Food Basic is selling lemons for the best price so you should definitely buy a couple. Best way to store lemons is sealed in a zip-lock in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator, to retain their softness and colour for longer.


Crisp Fresh Green Beans 99¢ Lb at Associated Supermarkets. You can also buy Fresh Green Beans at Met Foodmarkets for 99¢ Lb from 23 – 29 March.

I love adding fresh green vegetables to daily meals. Tender green beans need nothing more than a simple sauté in butter, garlic, salt & pepper to taste delightful! Green beans adds immense food value, and the lovely radiant colour is a visually delight.


Fresh Southern Collards Green for 99¢ Lb at Associated Supermarkets.

Here’s a simple side-dish recipe you can try with Southern Style Collard Greens. If you have more time at hand, try this recipe by chef Paula Deen. Both the recipes are equally nutritious and appetizing.


Fresh Sleeved Garlic 99¢ for Pkg. of 5 at Associated Supermarkets.

An article by The Worlds Healthiest Food states that the health benefits of Garlic can be multiplied by letting it sit on the counter for sometime after you’ve chopped/ crushed it, before you cook it. They further recommend that it’s best to add it towards the end of the cooking process to retain the maximum amount of flavor and nutrition.

Hunts Tomato Ketchup 99¢ for a 24 oz Cont. at Associated Supermarkets. Avail the same price for this ketchup at Met Foodmarkets starting tomorrow, from 23 – 29 March.

Hunt’s Ketchup has no preservatives or artificial flavours. Dip every bite of your favourite eggs in Hunt’s ketchup, or add oodles of it to your juicy homemade burger – it tastes yummy either way.



Red Cross Salt (Plain or Iodized) 99¢ for a 26 Oz Cont. at Associated Supermarkets.

I generally recommend stocking up on salt when you feel the price is too good to be true, as you need salt all year though and fortunately it can be stored without the fear of rotting or getting spoilt. However, there have been better offers on Salt – buy a box if you need one!

Now that Spring has finally come, weekly grocery shopping will be more pleasurable. Soaking in the sun, the lovely breeze and the buzzing streets while running weekly errands! Did you find a money-saving offer that I missed out on? Tell me about it. Always a pleasure to hear from you!!


A social media enthusiast living in New York. I love eating - Banana Pudding & Chocolate on Chocolate Cupcake at Magnolia Bakery, Chicken Rice at the Halal Guys near Hilton. I relish homemade spicy food and enjoy cooking. But sometimes my cooking experiments go very wrong. The ones that end well can be seen on my blog - WGD&M!!!

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