Savings This Week!


Image @ Pathmark

America’s Choice® Large White Eggs 18 Count for $1.98 with card at Pathmark Store! This is a fantastic offer, and an unusually low price for large eggs. In fact Target Store is also offering a good price on Market Pantry Grade A Large Eggs 12 Count for $1.59. However, between the two offers Pathmark wins hands down. I’d highly recommend grabbing this deal before the shelves empty out on this one!


Image @ KeyFoods

At Pathmark Store, All Purpose Potatoes 5 Lb. Bag is for $1.48. KeyFoods you can get 2 Green Giant White Potatoes 5 Lb Bags for $3. Here too, Pathmark is a better deal  even if the difference is of a few pennies.

Cooking Tip: If you have over-salted a soup or a liquid dish, toss in a peeled and quartered potato for 15 minutes. Discard the potato, or eat it depending on the dish.

Image @GiantEagle

Image @GiantEagle

Live Better Sliced White or Bella Mushrooms (8 oz.) or Fresh Cut Baby Carrots 1 lb for $1.98 at Pathmark.

A good price for mushroom, can be added to Cream of Chicken Soup, or used to make a sandwich, or added to a pasta made using Tomato Garlic & Onion Rinaldi Pasta Sauces – to add that extra punch to the sauce and make it feel like its homemade. Personally, I devour mushrooms in pasta, so this offer has made me happy!


Image @ Pathmark

Andrea Ravioli Assorted Varieties 13 oz for $1.98 with card at Pathmark! Not a bad deal, however, if you can make it at home that’s even better!

And, as I wind-up with Pathmark, just a quick note to say that the price of Cabbage and Olivio Spreadable Butter is still the same as last week. If you missed the offers last week, I would suggest you grab it now. At 17 cents per lb, Cabbage is being offered at the best price at Pathmark, and as for Olivio Spreadable Butter – since last week we (a house with 2 individuals) have already finished one box of this delicious butter. So yes, this butter is worth picking up, and I would suggest you grab a box as soon as you can.


Image @ MetFoods

Anyway, moving forward 10 lb package of Domino Sugar can be purchased at Met Foods Market for $4.99. A good deal as sugar is again a much used ingredient for baking, and also in caffeinated drinks.

Baking Tip: I recently read an article that suggests all-natural healthy alternatives to sugar in baking. Some of the common ones are:
Honey: Replace 3/4 cup for every one cup of sugar
Maple Syrup: Replace 3/4 cup for every one cup of sugar
Raw Cane Sugar (evaporated cane sugar): Replace one cup for every one cup of sugar
Blackstrap Molasses: Replace 1 1/3 cup for every one cup of sugar


Image @ MetFoods

12 oz can of Regular or Fat Free White Rose Evaporated Milk is for 79 cent at Met Foods Market. Evaporated Milk is used in desserts and also in cooking sauces. Here’s a recipe of Creamy Chicken & Broccoli over Rice that uses evaporated milk.

Evaporated milk can be prepared at home very easily, though it is time consuming. It is essentially milk that has been cooked on medium low flame to allow some of the water content to evaporate. The remaining milk tastes heavier with a lightly caramelized flavor. To produce 1 cup of evaporated milk, simmer 2 1/4 cups of regular milk down until it becomes 1 cup. However, for days that you are in a rush I would suggest you buy a can or two!


Image @ MetFoods

Met Food Market’s weekly circular has the Red Ripe Plum Tomatoes listed for 79 Cents per Lb. which is the best price from amongst all the other stores. Tomato is almost a necessary ingredient in most cooking, especially Indian food, and one that needs to be restocked on a weekly basis.

I recently came across an article that states that Tomatoes should not be refrigerated as it damages the membranes inside the fruits wall, causing the tomato to lose its flavour and develop a soft mealy texture. The best place to store a tomato is on your kitchen counter top, at room temperature. Refrigerated tomatoes can be salvaged by keeping them at room temperature for at least a day before use. However, another article states that refrigerated tomato’s can be easily used for a cooked sauce, since the tomato is anyway mashed, squished and cooked for a long duration. Wow, this is news to me! Did you know this?


A social media enthusiast living in New York. I love eating - Banana Pudding & Chocolate on Chocolate Cupcake at Magnolia Bakery, Chicken Rice at the Halal Guys near Hilton. I relish homemade spicy food and enjoy cooking. But sometimes my cooking experiments go very wrong. The ones that end well can be seen on my blog - WGD&M!!!

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